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About Us 

The Center for the Study of Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking and Health (DASH) is an intergenerational, interprofessional and interdisciplinary center directed by Dr. Sean Esteban McCabe. Based in the School of Nursing, it brings together faculty from health science professions to address clinical, educational, and research issues related to substance use.



The DASH Center is committed to advancing knowledge of substance use and its consequences through pioneering scholarship, evidence-based prevention, innovative clinical training, and timely public policy and service. DASH Center scholars recognize that the use, misuse, and abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco or nicotine products cause broad-reaching social despair, impaired health, and substance use disorders.

Sexual, ethnic, and gender minorities, adolescents, pregnant women, veterans and the elderly are at highest risk for the negative consequences of substance use, including HIV, injury, birth defects, suicide, cancer, and liver disease. These at-risk populations are the primary focus of the DASH Center scholars. 

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