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The Center for the Study of Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking and Health (DASH), is an inter-professional and interdisciplinary center led by Drs. Sean Esteban McCabe (Director) and Sarah A. Stoddard (Co-director). Based in the University of Michigan School of Nursing, it brings together faculty from health science professions to address clinical, educational, and research issues related to substance use.


Sean Esteban McCabe

Sarah A. Stoddard

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 DASH in the News 

A recent CNN news interview with Dr. McCabe
Blue Skies
                               HOPE HQ
Social Work assistant professor
launches new program for grieving children and caregivers impacted by drug overdose loss

Dr. Luisa Kcomt

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Upcoming Events

DASH Center Retreat

The DASH Center Retreat will be held in person, on October 23rd at the School of Nursing. Details will be emailed to attendees. 

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