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The Center for the Study of Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking and Health (DASH), is an inter-professional and interdisciplinary center led by Drs. Sean Esteban McCabe (Director) and Sarah A. Stoddard (Co-director). Based in the University of Michigan School of Nursing, it brings together faculty from health science professions to address clinical, educational, and research issues related to substance use.


Sean Esteban McCabe

Sarah A. Stoddard

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 DASH in the News 

Narcan Can Save an Opioid User's Life. What to Know About the Drug

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Upcoming Events

DASH Center Fall Monthly Workshop

The DASH Center hosts monthly workshop to review the future work of DASH members based on our “lift as you climb” motto. Our interdisciplinary group provides constructive criticism and support for new projects, with a focus on securing funding for early-stage investigators. Our winter workshop series starts on January 23rd and ends on April 24th.

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